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We believe that there simply should not be hungry people in Payne County. The symptoms of hunger go far beyond our pantries, bodies, and overall health. Hunger affects someone's ability to learn, to lead, to play, and to live fully. It ultimately affects the core of our whole community. We believe that we can help people step out the of cycle of poverty, improving our corner of the world and the lives of our neighbors, friends, and families. The fight against hunger takes a village, so take a stand with us - we've got work to do!

Ready to get involved?

Ways to Help


We rely on our volunteers!

When you give your time to serve alongside us and feed our community, we believe it is your right to be given a meaningful task.  Click the button below for information about our volunteer positions.


Food donations provide variety for our guests and make the shopping experience more like a grocery store.  We love having our shelves full of healthy options!  Click the button below for more information on our most commonly needed items.


Funding is a vital part of every organization and mission.  We cannot end hunger without your support. Click the button below for more information on ways to make a financial contribution.​

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