Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of stellar community members, who believe in our mission and want to be the precursors to enable lasting change. They plan and form committees to ensure that this organization has the support and resources necessary to collaboratively feed Payne County. 

Our Board members: Andrew Ranson, President; Kathy Sandefur, President-Elect; Rod Goodner, Treasurer; Sarah Young, Secretary; Kristine Waits, Onalee Santos, Richard Rains, Earl Mitchell, Clem Ward, Jim Flesher, Mark Gregory, Kathy Hall, Monty Karns, and Joe Weaver. 

Want to Join our Board?

We are humbled by the number of people who wish to serve on our board. Please know that board positions become available in June (3 year terms) and that we select people who are volunteers and/or donors of Our Daily Bread. Individuals must have a heart for the people we serve and the work we do as well as the time to meet at least once a month, serve on a committee or two, and attend fundraising events.