Our Mission:

Feeding our community collaboratively and providing connections that enable lasting change.

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Grocery Assistance

Shopping Hours:

Monday 1pm-3:30pm

Tuesday 3pm-5:30pm

Thursday 11am-1:30pm

3rd Saturday of the month



We need volunteers every day to ensure we can serve our neighbors well. Click below to find out how you can get involved!


Our goal is to address the underlying issues that come with hunger to help Payne County residents step out of poverty.  Click below to find out more!            

We have no upcoming events at this time. We'll let you know here when we do. 

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What to Bring on Your First Visit:

  • Any government issued ID for you and all household members (license, social security, birth certificate, medical ID card, etc.) *A household is defined by everyone who shares one kitchen space.*

  • Proof of residence in Payne County (if different than what's listed on your ID.)

What Is Guest Choice?

Guest-choice means that our guests can choose what they feed their families, just like they would at a regular grocery store. Guests only take what they like, want, and can use, which increases their overall satisfaction and decreases food waste!

Click the Icon to the left to find a printable version of the requirements. ODB also has copies on hand. 



(405) 533-2555


701 E. 12th Ave. Stillwater, OK

PO Box 1721 Stillwater, 74076

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